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believing that any genetic disorder may be the cause of the defect. The psychological consequences of this for the mother can be extremely difficult, and she, not knowing that drugs, and not heredity, are to blame for 
everything can decide never to have children again.
The ugly word "teratogenesis" is a medical term for the development of congenital malformations caused by the use of drugs. It comes from the Greek teras (teratos) - the monster - and literally means "the creation of monsters." 
Whether bendectin is a teratogen is not precisely established, just as the opposite has not been established. Nevertheless, the manufacturer and the Office of the Food and Drug Administration contain numerous reports about the 
birth of babies with defects after their use by their mothers.
There is strong evidence that some medications taken by the mother during the first months of pregnancy overcome the placental barrier and cause harm to the fetus. How many drugs act in the same way is unknown, but the threat 
is so great that no doctor should prescribe any medicine to a pregnant woman unless the reason for the appointment is to save her life. I am confident that every prudent woman should avoid doctors who prescribe potentially 
teratogenic drugs to alleviate canadian pharmacy no rx need minor symptoms such as nausea.
If the doctor tries to give you bendectin, ask yourself whether it is so important for you to get rid of nausea in order to risk depriving your child of the hands or feet. After telling your doctor what this medicine may do, 
think about what he will do with you next, if you are able to prescribe a teratogen to a pregnant woman.medications. If the expectant mother insists on giving birth at home, she should expect the doctor to interrupt the conversation, rising to his full height, and sternly ask: "Do you want your child to die?" There are two possible answers to 
this question. First: "No, and so I want to give birth at home." But it is better to answer: “Goodbye!”
I noticed that doctors are as skillful and as false as fair merchants when they have to praise the "miracles of medical technology" that are in the hospital "in case something goes wrong." Their self-serving warnings about the 
dangers of childbirth at home are just as colorful. However, they seem to be speechless when they have to admit the truth about the medical traps that are set up for you in the hospital.
The doctor will not say this, us online pharmacy no prescription but I will say: your own bedroom is safer than the delivery room of the hospital, and the hospital ward for newborns is infinitely more dangerous than the crib next to your bed. I tell all healthy 
women, including my own daughters, that they must refuse to have children in hospitals because of all the potential
It is no coincidence that the most terrible examples of heartless experiments on unsuspecting women concern new methods of birth control. A few years ago, the Senate subcommittee examined reports on harmful and even fatal side 
effects of contraceptive hormones. Dr. Philip Ball, an Indiana ordinator, stated that by prescribing hormonal contraceptives for more than ten years, Modern Medicine conducted a “massive double-blind, uncontrolled experiment” 
[11] on 50 million women who turned out to be experimental animals.